CREATE: /krēˈāt/  verb

1. Bring (something) into existence.

ATELIER: /ˌadlˈyā/  noun

1. A workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.

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We believe that at some point our rapidly developing ecosystem made a shift towards commercialization, management and efficiency, and in that process the craft and thoughtfulness behind design took a back seat. The disconnect between the creators and users has only grown. It’s time to go back to the beginning where people pursued what they loved and worked towards enriching their communities by using their unique talents and gifts.

Create Atelier focuses on quality, purposeful, and transformational design. Design is part of everything we touch and see, but thoughtful design is consciously knowing and caring about the effect a design will have on the people who inhabit the spaces we create.


Our team thrives on the pursuit of delivering design experiences that are unparalleled in quality, purpose, and transformative impact. We understand that design is not simply about aesthetics, but rather a profound art form that touches the lives of those who interact with it. At Create Atelier, we believe in the power of thoughtful design to shape and enhance the human experience, and we are committed to making a lasting impact through our exceptional work.

Image of JoshImage of Josh Allen

Josh Allen, AIA

Image of Alexa Mendez

Alexandra Mendez

Image of Juan Patacon

Juan Quintero

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Johanna Torres

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Aren Moore




Josh Allen, AIA

“Architecture to me embodies a passion to create spaces that inspire and encourage growth. The materiality, form and voids are all thoughtfully designed to respond to the needs of the program, pushing architecture to have more meaning than just a building. It becomes an environment for living in a way that psychologically inspires each person that uses the  space. Every project is approached with an open mind, allowing each one to be unique. This focus on intentional design begins with an initial sketch, carried through the details and into the construction process. I have a passion for not only the initial sketch but also the final detail and this process is what creates great architecture.”

Before founding Create Atelier, Josh was a principal at 5G Studio in Dallas, Texas. In his 13 years there, Josh led the design of several nationally award-winning projects.

On a hot summer day, Josh enjoys breaking out the kayak at the lake. Nature is such an inspiration in all of our work because of its rejuvenating qualities. It relaxes, inspires and encourages us in so many ways.


BA in Architecture, Oklahoma State University

Alexandra Mendez | Partner

“I would like to think that every building we create is not a building on the earth, but of building of the earth. From the fundamental primitive hut to majestic skyscrapers architecture has shaped our communities and our development through time. Today a successful architecture practice understands its community & culture and responds with thoughtful spaces that elevate our experiences. In today's highly demanding world having enriched environments has never been so necessary.”

Before founding Create Atelier, Alexa was a designer at 5G Studio and prior to that, designer at Humphreys and Partners  in Dallas, Texas. Working on both high design and multifamily projects taught Alexa the importance of bridging beauty with economy.

Alexa loves starting the day with a double espresso from Davis Street in Oak Cliff, and a blueberry scone (of course).

Alexa’s Tenets: Teamwork is the dream work. Everything is energy. Building my community makes me happier, healthier and stronger. Solo trips and coffee dates with myself bring introspection and necessary inspiration to create.


BFA in Architecture, SCAD, Savannah, GA

Juan Quintero | Designer

“Architecture for me is the way a designer expresses his emotions, thoughts, and lifestyle and translates  it to paper. For society as a whole, architecture is how we integrate with one another; no matter where we come from, our intentions in life, our backgrounds, it is for all of us in one space. It is how we can appreciate tangible, living, breathing art. Even if a person  doesn’t understand the concept behind the design or has no background in the arts, architecture is a human tool to create and bring a space to life. I love to experience the changes in this world; to be a part of how we progress toward creating a better future for all, where all constructive ideas are valid and worth considering.”


BA in Architecture, I.U.P. Santiago Mariño, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Image of Create Atelier team