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Image of mariposa front
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This creative space, nestled within the lake cliff’s cozy homes is a hidden gem. The room is filled with makers and creators of the digital world. Commercials, documentaries, e sports and broadcasting, all happen in this space, it's a buzz. Owners Bryce and Jeff are like yin and yang, different strengths, great team. We met Bryce on a Monday morning to talk about his landscape design. We had such good conversations about design, and later that morning we ended up going to his office to look at potentially re designing the interior space.

The 30’ tall space is surprising as you walk in. Back in the day, this was the studio where fashion models would be photographed for Neiman Marcus content. As we walked through the space the amount of gear and cases was dominant. We have learned that a space always tells you what it needs, in this case functional storage! We designed a wall of white oak storage that would accommodate all the different sizes of cases with a library rolling ladder. There was a super cool art piece in the space, and we proposed integrating it with the oak millwork.

Image of mariposa front
Image of mariposa front
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All the tones of blue and tan really tied it all in. Next to is a spiral staircase that leads you to one of the coolest offices of the space, it has the view to it all.This visit was happening during COVID times. Bryce emphasized how important it was to create cool spaces for people to gather. He said “When the time comes, I want people to feel excited about coming back” so we designed a moody kitchen and coffee bar. The design is bold, just like the work they do. We combined natural materials like oak and steel, accentuated by a gradient backsplash that would display their vibe and brand. Bryce had fun bringing in the latest barista machines!

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We wanted the entrance to feel like an experience. Lined with skylights the maple wood walls leading you into the space until you arrive at a live moss wall (that purifies the air and makes your heart smile). The backdrop is a polycarbonate wall that is lined with LED color changing lights. This wall has their logo “a paper airplane.” Now that this project is done, our wishes are that with every project they do, they go further and make people smile, just like a paper plane.