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We met Monte in the most organic way while getting coffee in our neighborhood co-working location, Wax Space in Oak Cliff. We began talking and were immediately inspired by his mission and what he believed and we realized that our “why” aligned in such a complementary way with his. He’s a town and neighborhood visionary, and an advocate for local communities, all of which we feel strongly about in our mission to create thoughtful and beautiful spaces for all.

In reimagining Wheatland Plaza, we wanted to give a nod to its retro roots, but elevate it with clean design, art from local artists, raw materials and vibrant colors. As we designed this project, we envisioned Wheatland as the hub of the community, where people enjoy gathering for food, music, meeting new friends, and creating memories they will associate with home.

Monte Anderson of Options Real Estate, along with the city of Duncanville, has reimagined the historic Wheatland Plaza with the future of Duncanville in mind, and brought Create Atelier on board to execute the architecture and design with the goal of making this market center new and usable for the city of Duncanville and its residents. After many years of vacancy and decline, Wheatland Plaza is once again becoming a beacon of hope for the Duncanville community.

The project broke ground in April of 2022, and will be completed in phases over the next 5-7 years.

Image of Mariposa Duplex front
Image of Mariposa Duplex front
Image of Mariposa Duplex front
Image of Mariposa Duplex front