Image of breeze blocks at Green Leaf
Vector image of breeze blocks

Nestled within the tranquil setting of Green Leaf Lane, this contemporary pool house stands as a distinct retreat. This modern design blends functionality, space optimization, and elegant simplicity. The unit serves as an invitation to unwind and savor the serenity of a leisurely Sunday afternoon; with meticulous attention to detail, every element of this unit has been tailored to its surroundings, ensuring a fusion of form and function.

Green leaf top view
Green Leaf roof view
Image of breeze blocks at Green Leaf
Image of breeze blocks at Green Leaf
Image of breeze blocks at Green Leaf

Mural Design

Design touches every corner of this unit, including a hand-painted mural at the bathroom entrance. Its colors match the rest of the space, giving guests a memorable stay at the pool house. Geometric patterns on the mural play off the building's design, bringing together art and architecture in a way that feels just right.

Materials & Palette

The selection of materials in this space is deliberate. Each material is chosen to complement the others, creating a harmonious interplay that enhances the overall aesthetic. Thoughtfully curated fixtures not only elevate the space but also serve to accentuate its unique features, adding both practical functionality and visual appeal.