Image of breeze blocks at Green Leaf
Vector image of breeze blocks

Welcome to Green Leaf Lane in Duncanville, TX. At Create Atelier, we are passionate about making spaces that truly feel like home — places where people can thrive and find comfort. Our aim is simple: to create environments that uplift and enrich the lives of those who live in them. So, at Green Leaf, we set out not just to renovate, but to enhance every aspect of the space, ensuring it becomes a haven for its inhabitants through thoughtful design and careful craftsmanship.

Green leaf top view
Green Leaf roof view
Green Leaf pool area
Image of breeze blocks at Green Leaf
Image of breeze blocks at Green Leaf
Image of breeze blocks at Green Leaf

To most people, architectural design seems unattainable and that’s something we’d like to push for a change. The solution we’d like to propose is to build smaller more thoughtful homes. Something that is missing from a lot of buildings is the emphasis on feeling. How does this space make you feel? This is something we’re naturally aware of and it does have an impact on our mood, and emotion.

As we create each space, we need to think about the layout, lighting, daylighting, materiality, and color to understand the effect each of these elements has on the occupant of the space.