Photography by Lisa Petrole

About Colorado Studio

We bought this house to renovate as one of our own projects, and it was the ugly duckling of this Oak Cliff neighborhood that no one wanted, and in fact, all of the neighbors expected we would demolish it and start from scratch. But we saw that the bones were strong, and we loved the plant life - it reminded us of Hotel San Jose in Austin, one of our favorite places to stay. We had a vision to turn it into an urban oasis to share with our community. The studio is now complete and rentable as an Airbnb, so you can come experience our design first hand!

On the inside, the combination of new wood, old wood, raw steel and vibrant green and blue concrete tile is our happy place. This space really represents our core design beliefs. We want to embrace what exists and elevate it with thoughtful design. We topped it off with a gorgeous, one of a kind mural by local artist Johanna Torres.

The courtyard transformation for this property was one for the books. The beautiful shiva statue was a local find, and really anchors the space. She is a perfect centerpiece for the rest of the hardscape, including concrete walls, steel steps, terraces and the original corsicana bricks we found buried under leaves and dirt that we are so thankful we were able to restore!

Fun Fact

On a trip back home to Nicaragua last year, Alexa found and brought back many beautiful items that ended up in this project (you should have seen her checking all that carefully packed luggage!) - the hanging lanterns in the courtyard and the beautiful ceramic sink basin in the bathroom just to name a couple. It’s all in the details!