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Photography by Mindy King
Forest Hills house entrance
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This sweet house in the Little Forest Hills neighborhood of Dallas was our first foray into the world of residential design and through that renovation we really discovered our collaborative style as Create Atelier. In the exterior of the house you see bold color, clean geometric lines, and crisp edges - that is Josh’s style to a T. Once you step inside, you see the same appreciation for clean lines, but in a beautiful distinction you’re met with soft, creamy neutral tones, abundant natural light, and tasteful glimpses of raw materials, which is in every way Alexa.

There are so many builders coming into Dallas building the same kind of home over and over, and we heard from several neighbors who were relieved to see someone coming in and respecting the neighborhood’s existing personality. While we understand that those copy and paste jobs pay the bills, our vision is different. We continually work to involve craftspeople who are truly excellent at their art and their piece of the project, so that each component is truly the best it can be, and unique to the person the project serves.

Forest Hills entrance
Forest Hills car port
Forest Hills rear entrance

With Forest Hills, we wanted to blend the character of the neighborhood with something complementary and new. We put a lot of love and thought and purpose into this home - we’ve had so much experience in commercial spaces, and when you’re designing a home, it’s much more personal, and we love making spaces that will be “home” for someone.

Forest Hills living room
Forest Hills living room
Forest Hills kitchen
Forest Hills living top view
Forest Hills bedroom

Fun Fact

We were walking in the neighborhood one day after a site visit, and we’d been discussing our dreams for our current projects and the future of the new firm. We’d worked with a few contractors but were still looking for that perfect fit. As we were walking down the street we ran into a man named Ramon, a contractor in the process of working on another house down the block. We started chatting and he wanted to show us the kitchen he was working on. We saw the kitchen, saw his beautiful craftsmanship, and just like that, Ramon became our go to millwork artist!

Forest Hills kitchen
Forest Hills kicthen
Forest Hills stairs
Forest Hills office
Forest Hills bathroom
Forest Hills bathroom
Forest Hills nook
Forest Hills mural